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One Employee Record

For every employee, Orbit Solutions seamlessly integrates data from Time & Labor, Payroll, and Human Resources modules to present a complete employee record.

One User Interface

Orbit Solutions is one platform built on one database–for your team, that means using one set of credentials to access a single consistent, easy-to-use interface for all of your employees.

Real-Time Data

Have the power to adjust inputs when you process payroll–without waiting for pre-processing–and the insight necessary control the cost of labor.

Reporting & Data Export

Create reports to fulfill requests from executive leadership or provide appropriate data for an audit. If you prefer, simply export data in a variety of common formats.

Third-Party Integration

Look through The Marketplace for compatible third-party applications, and in an instant, any new application integrates seamlessly with Orbit Solutions.


Our industry-leading Client Service Representatives will teach you and your team to use Orbit Solutions–and provide documentation for all levels of access.


Payroll Data uses secure, encrypted data storage to ensure that information within Orbit Solutions will never be compromised.

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