#WISHRM17 in the Books Top Takeaways from SHRM Wisconsin State Conference

/ Best Practices, Human Resources, Time & Labor

It was quite the turnout at the Wisconsin SHRM State Conference this year, and I was excited to welcome so many human resources professionals and industry partners to our booth. Both a fun and rewarding experience, I gauged the climate and general consensus around valuable topics such as the evolution of the HR department; technology, features, and capabilities that are helping to drive business initiatives; and was able to better understand the challenges facing HR that we as a HCM partner need to continue to address.

Let’s start with the obvious, the theme was HRs Got Talent, yet many people need a better way to recruit that talent. I spoke to a number of individuals that expressed dismay at the lengthy process of recruiting that derails productivity.  Plus, the absence of paperless onboarding results in duplicate data and puts the company at an elevated risk of non-compliance. Hardly an ideal situation.

While recruitment was top of mind, another point of contention amongst HR professionals was the lack of service provided by their HCM partners. I was puzzled to learn just how many people continue to use a provider despite the sparse attention given to their individual accounts. I was told of endless hold times, and questions that went unanswered. A shuffling through departments with no one point of contact. Yet they continue to pay money for something they are not receiving…service. Sure, systems may be up and running, but that’s only half of what these HR providers promise. And clearly, by examples given, they are delivering on the other half. When questioned why many continue with inadequate service, the overall thinking is it would be too difficult to switch – and that simply cannot be farther from the truth. This made me realize that we, as a company, need to do better at letting HR pros know that there is a better way. And they deserve 100% of what they pay for.

I stood manning our booth and engaged in conversations around overcoming challenges of open enrollment, the desire for more intuitive and automated HR reporting and analytics, and even innovative ways to streamline performance evaluations and trainings, and I realized that many did not even have a single platform that could accommodate complete integration of HR solutions. Instead, most wrestled with 1 or 2 integrated services mixed with manual procedures, time consuming processes, and considerable room for error. Again, needing to do improve our outreach to HR professionals who need a full HCM partner that can customize HR solutions to meet individual business challenges, and evolve with company growth.

As I introduced attendees to Payroll Data Solutions (PDS) technology, our unique approach that helps us blueprint the right solution for companies, and discussed, in depth, our dedication to personalized service, many were excited about the idea of an all-inclusive, easier way to manage the business of HR. Backed by a 98% retention rate that proved to our booth visitors, that they can have it all.

Payroll Data is proud to be a member of SHRM and partner to HR pros nationwide. Our integrated payroll, compliance, benefits, and time and labor tracking solution helps thousands of employees in today’s mobile workforce.

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