Top 5 Payroll and HR Blogs for 2017

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Here are the most read and shared content from the Payroll Data blog for 2017.

Not surprisingly, content focused on payroll and recruiting topped our list. We were delighted our How Wisconsin Are You quiz was popular with so many of our local clients, too!

Here are our top payroll and HR blog posts of 2017 to help you get a head start on the New Year:

#5 How-To: Easy-to-Create Benefit Statements

Benefits statements are essential in showing employees the value of their compensation packages, and also helping in overall employee retention and engagement.

#4 How Wisconsin Are You? Take our Quiz.

Our office had a lot of fun with this one! We were overwhelmed at the number of responses to our quiz. If you haven’t taken it already–even if you’re not from Wisconsin–go right ahead!

#3 Examining the Role of the NEW Human Resources Professional

We’re happy to report that today‚Äôs HR professionals have taken their rightful place in the C-suite and have become involved in various facets of corporate decision-making.

#2 Top 5 Ways to Make Payroll Pay Off

Payroll is no longer just about doling out checks. This blog post shows how payroll processing has become a more integral part of a larger HCM process that drives critical decision-making and bolsters business objectives. (hint: your boss might want to read this one!)

#1 Building Better Teams: Recruiting Top Talent

Part 1 of a 2 part blog series (the second blog titled Building Better Teams: Retaining Top Talent), this post answered what was a hot topic in 2017: attracting and retaining top talent in a tight market, and how important streamlining HR processes is in achieving that goal.

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