How Are You Celebrating National Payroll Week?

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You’ve probably heard the saying, “An honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay.” For many employees, it’s a foregone conclusion that they’ll get paid for their work. However, without payroll professionals to ensure they get paid accurately and on time, it wouldn’t be possible. This week, we observe National Payroll Week (NPW) to celebrate payroll professionals and the critical work they do.

So what exactly is National Payroll Week?

National Payroll Week was founded in 1996 by the American Payroll Association (APA). It’s held annually the week of Labor Day, which lands on Sept. 3-7 this year. While NPW is a celebration of payroll professionals, it has another important goal: to educate all employees on their paychecks, the payroll-withholding system, and payroll-related benefits.

The official slogan for NPW is “America Works Because We’re Working for America.” And it’s true. Payroll has a significant impact on our economy. In 2018, it’s projected that America will have 155 million wage earners. Through the payroll withholding system, the money that’s collected from these wage earners’ paychecks funds essential programs such as social security and Medicare, which keep America “working.” In fact, through payroll withholding, we contribute, collect, report and deposit 70 percent of the U.S. Treasury’s annual revenue, or $2.4 trillion per year.

Considering the massive impact payroll withholdings have on our economy, there’s no question that we owe it to payroll professionals to show our appreciation for their hard work. And, if you are a payroll professional, make sure you’re showing yourself some well-deserved self-appreciation!

How to get involved with NPW.

NPW is the ideal opportunity to not only show appreciation for payroll professionals, but to make sure all employees recognize their hard work. And for those of you that are payroll professionals, make sure you’re enjoying this week and taking advantage of the payroll resources available to you. Here are suggestions to help you get involved during NPW and beyond:

1. Spread awareness.

  • Inform your employees of the holiday so they know what it’s about. Refer them to the NPW website, which gives an overview of the week, its significance, and links to educational and networking tools.  
  • Check out if your local APA chapter is giving away any NPW awareness-driving signage or swag. If you are a Wisconsin resident, be on the lookout for an email from The Greater Milwaukee Chapter of the APA for information on how to obtain a Payroll-Data-sponsored NPW yard sign.
  • If you haven’t already finalized your NPW celebration plans, download the NPW Planning Guide for last-minute tips on how to promote NPW at your office.

2. Show appreciation. 

  • Reward employees by making this week fun! Bring everyone together with breakfast, lunch or dessert. Make it feel like a celebration by playing games or offering giveaways. Show special recognition to payroll professionals by decorating their desks or leaving them personalized thank you notes.
  • Share the “Getting Paid In America” Survey with all employees. By filling this out, they enter into a drawing for a dream vacation for two and a bonus paycheck. Winning that would certainly make anyone feel appreciated!
  • While NPW is a special opportunity to recognize payroll professionals, make sure to show your appreciation all year long by sharing valuable resources with them, such as our Paycheck Checkup guide.

3. Stay engaged. (These are just for you, payroll professionals!)

  • Find your local APA chapter. By playing an active role in your local APA, you’ll have access to a range of useful payroll resources, professional networking, and educational growth opportunities within your community.
  • Attend payroll events. In addition to providing educational and networking opportunities, these events are an opportunity to earn Recertification Credit Hours (RCH) so you can keep your Certified Payroll Professional (CPP) designation. If you’re located in Wisconsin, check out the Statewide Payroll Conference, which is hosted by The Greater Milwaukee Chapter on Sept. 20-21, 2018.
  • Follow the NPW hashtag #payrollweek on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Be a part of the national conversation on NPW not only during the holiday, but year-round to stay up to date on NPW. Connect online with other payroll professionals by liking the official Facebook page.

Thank you!

To all payroll professionals, we can’t thank you enough for the crucial work you do to keep America working. NPW offers a special opportunity to show our gratitude. We recognize your work is demanding and want to support you in making it easier. If you’re already using Orbit Payroll, hopefully you’ve realized all of the ways it saves valuable time and money with its robust features. However, if you’re not sure you’re taking advantage of the complete Orbit Payroll feature set, please don’t hesitate to contact your Client Service Representative or send us a note today!