The High Price of Scheduling Conflicts: What One Airline Found Out The Hard Way

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Having the Right Demand-Based Scheduling System in Place Makes a Difference

Going somewhere for the holidays? No-so-fast says one carrier.

American Airlines recently made headlines when a glitch in their system gave too many pilots the same paid-time-off, and now they’re the ones paying the price.

The High Price of Scheduling Conflicts: What One Airline Found Out The Hard Way

Holiday travel is the busiest time of year for the airline industry and their technological oops is poised to have a significant impact on the company and travelers. Between the cancellation of flights and the need to pay pilots up to 150% of their hourly rate for coverage due to this holiday hiccup, not to mention placing their reputation on the line, American Airlines stands to lose money because of a simple scheduling mishap. One that could have been prevented by having the right demand-based scheduling system in place.

Piecing Together the PTO Puzzle

Demand-based scheduling intelligence is revolutionizing time and labor tracking by mitigating risk and improving client satisfaction. Using a customized module programmed to understand the roles and responsibilities of each employee, the data is used to review scheduling needs, opportunities, and potential risks factors.

Payroll Data has recently introduced a fully automated and intuitive scheduling tool to enhance our time and attendance solution. One that offloads the work but allows administrators complete transparency into their labor tracking at any given time.

How Does Demand-Based Scheduling Work?

Using artificial intelligence, Payroll Data’s automated scheduler:

  • Evaluates historical data to forecast trends, and ebbs and flows in your business to predict staffing needs well in advance
  • Examines the titles and roles of each employee to recommend a roster that fulfills your need at every position and skill level to avoid over or under staffing
  • Assesses the number of hours each employee works to alert managers of overtime risk and automatically suggests alternative staff for replacement on roster
  • Gets notified of coverage or PTO requests by staff members and alerts comparably qualified employees, with availability, of the opportunity to avoid gaps in rosters
  • Systematically analyzes rosters and biometric time clocks in real-time to ensure up-to-the-minute metrics for easy reporting and management

Significant Business Impact

The benefits and ROI of automated scheduling are perceived over tenfold. The elimination of excess spending on supplemental, temporary, and last minute staffing, as well as costly frictional overtime wages alone yield immediate return on investment. However, it’s the underlying client experience, which is greatly enhanced by having the appropriate people in place to handle business and inquiries, which has had a more significant influence on the growth and prosperity of industry using automated scheduling tools.

The optimization of labor scheduling has resulted in companies saving in upwards of twenty millions dollars in overhead. “Payroll Data’s intelligent, demand-based scheduling module is quite possibly the most impactful HR tool to be offered to clients,” says Chris Lauton, VP, Product Sales. “Having the right people, in the right place, at the right time, ensures optimum labor management and completely changes the client experience.”

Payroll Data’s demand-based scheduling module debuted in beta last year, with a small subset of clients integrating and evaluating performance to help us achieve optimal results. In January of 2018, this supplemental module will be made available to all Payroll Data clients with our innovative Time and Labor HR solution.

Take a virtual tour of our intelligent, demand-based scheduler, and learn more about this product. Contact us to discover how Payroll Data’s complete suite of HCM and workforce management solutions save time and money, and how our customizable services support your business initiatives.

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