4 Reasons in Favor of “Boomerang” Employees

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In today’s competitive recruiting market, Human Resources Departments and companies are finding salvation in a once taboo segment of applicants – the boomerang employee.

What used to be frowned upon in the hiring industry has emerged as a viable staffing solution bringing a host of benefits and a wealth of value back to organizations.

The boomerang employee, as they are known, is an individual who once worked with the company, left the organization, and has returned to be re-employed by the same company. While there could have been a number of reasons for their original departure – from relocation or life event, to exploring other career paths or pursuing another opportunity – their renewed interest in your company can have a significant impact on your workforce.

4 Reasons to Consider Boomerang Employees

  • Cost – New hires are expensive. The associated costs of acquiring a new talent increases each year. Recruiter fees, qualifying candidates and verifying employment, and the overall time lost by all involved in the process can eat away at a budget. A boomerang employee can cut this cost in half. You minimize the interview process because you know the individual, their work performance, and have other team members vouch for their expertise.
  • Motivation – The boomerang generation are fairly nomadic in the workforce but it’s not for lack of loyalty. Rather they are eager to succeed in their endeavors and take full advantage of opportunities as they present themselves. Hiring back an employee, in particular once they’ve gained more experience elsewhere, can yield new client and networking opportunities, and fresh, innovative perspectives that can benefit your organization.
  • Teambuilding – The expedited onboarding is also enhanced by an innate trust a boomerang hire brings. Filling a void within a team is no easy task. However, rehiring a former employee can boost morale as well as productivity if you bring back a well-liked, and much respected colleague.
  • Culture – You know they’ll fit in. Former employees know your company’s culture, have a good feel for the working environment, and usually fit right in. Whether working independently or within collaborative teams, the boomerang employee will contribute to the corporate culture you’ve established, participate in company events, and once again be a welcomed member of the team.

A recent survey revealed that while only 15% of new hires were in fact rehires, over 40% of employees indicated that they would boomerang back to former companies if the right opportunity presented itself. Social networking has had a significant influence on colleagues remaining in contact with one another and remains a driving force in boomerang hiring.

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