What’s Driving Time & Labor Workforce Management Solutions

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Efficiency and ROI Driving Time & Labor Workforce Management Solutions

Savvy HCM has emerged as the answer to management’s prayers. Offering streamlined HR, stress-free automation, employee self-service, and intelligent insight, cloud-based workforce management solutions are creating a data-driven hub for companies.

Time and labor tracking is an intricate component of HR. A fully integrated workforce management platform can mitigate risks associated with scheduling errors, and payroll processing. Advantages of innovative time and attendance span employee and management, and can directly impact a company’s bottom line.

Timekeeping with a Workforce Management System

Complete visibility into your employee roster from any connected device. Workforce management systems let managers identify gaps in scheduling, surplus of staff, and changes in personnel that need to be addressed. With real-time data at your fingertips, team leads will know who is (and who should be) on the clock, and have the opportunity to modify predetermined schedules on-the-go.

Workforce management tools provide a repository of archived data and analytics that saves your company money on labor costs. Managers can make long-term staffing decisions by examining seasonal information and ebbs and flows in the market. This can eliminate the need for last-minute or temporary hires, and help control hours and excess spending during slower periods.

Empower your staff with employee self-service features. Workforce management software solutions typically employ a variety of time clock and biometric capabilities that allow employees to track their own hours. The ability to log in and out from connected and mobile devices provides greater accessibility for your team. Employees can view schedules in real-time, swap shifts, and obtain coverage in case of absence.

Payroll Data Solutions (PDS) customizes time and labor workforce technology that streamlines compliance, mitigates excess salary expenditures, and simplifies employee management in a single, engaging portal.

Learn how our complete suite of HCM solutions including fully integrated HR with automated payroll, streamlined benefits management, time & labor tracking, and tax and compliance services can enhance your business.

Today’s mobile workforce needs the best technology backed by experts in the field. Payroll Data Solutions engineers innovative HR that boosts productivity and inspires teams.