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Payroll Data isn’t your run-of-the-mill point and click interface. We’re face to face. We are Wisconsin.Payroll Data is Wisconsin based

Whether we’re on the 40-yard line rooting for the Packers or lakeside with family and friends, our people are your neighbors. We make up the community we serve. We’re outdoors enjoying nature. We’re indoors soaking in the culture. We’re Brewers. We’re Badgers. We’re Wisconsinites through and through. We’re right there with you.

While Payroll Data offers HCM for Fortune 500 clients throughout the US, we take a lot of pride in our local achievements. Established right here in Hartland, we’re somewhat of a hometown hero (of the unsung variety) to many Wisconsin-based companies. We support core business objectives to help increase revenue, which in turn, boosts native industry.  We streamline and simplify the business of HR so your team can focus on mission critical responsibilities and the desired end-game – achieving success.

A partnership with Payroll Data represents much more than pioneering HR technology at your fingertips. Most of our clients consider us an extension of their team.  Sure, we can automate everything from compliance, time and labor, benefits management, recruiting and retaining top minds, and of course, payroll. But it’s the relationships formed that have the greatest impact.

Payroll Data introduces each new client to their own dedicated Client Support Representative (CSR). Call us persnickety but we prefer the personal touch over the 800-number transfer to an overseas call center. (Wouldn’t you?) Your CSR doesn’t just answer the phone, they answer your questions. They’re senior-level HR experts in the field, many who have been with us for over 10 years, and they get to know your business, your employees, and your personality. And that’s important to us. To establish a successful working relationship, you need to have a good report. We laugh with you, make the process easier, and work through your toughest HCM challenges. That’s the Payroll Data way.

As a nationally recognized leader with local appeal, our HR technology evolves with industry demands, but our values, commitment, and culture remain changed. And we attribute that to our people. Unwavering dedication to service. Problem-solving that leaves a lasting impression. And the ability to continue to wow even our oldest clients. We like to think of it as including a little bit of Wisconsin in everything we do.

Partner with Payroll Data for the best HCM technology, capabilities, and ease-of-use features. Discover what better HR looks like with automated payroll, time and labor, tax compliance, benefits management, recruiting, and simplified human resources.

Give us a call at 800-805-3282. Speak with one of our experts directly who can help you design optimal HCM solutions at an affordable price. We love questions, and we’ve got answers. Trust the local team at Payroll Data.