Top 5 Ways to Make Payroll Pay Off

Do you love payroll processing? (Yes, we used the term “love,” because anything less and it’s time to rethink that system.)  Truth be told, if running payroll is running your life instead of making it easier, than it’s time to make a switch. Payroll processing has come a long way from just doling out checks... Read more

How-To: Easy-to-Create Benefit Statements

In many instances, the average employee has no idea what costs an employer incurs to employ a person full-time. Let’s say an employee has a salary of $30,000 a year. It’s likely that employee believes his or her total compensation = $30,000 a year. But that doesn’t begin to consider the employer-paid portion of health,... Read more

Payroll Data Services Clients – Clock Support

Payroll Data Services, Inc is happy to announce a new dedicated support email address for TLM Users.   This email address is supported by a team of clock specialists that are here to better support you. You can now contact us directly at for: Clock support Clock updates New clocks Please continue letting us know how... Read more

Alert about Form W-2 Scam Targeting Payroll and Human Resource Departments

The IRS warned taxpayers to watch out for fake websites looking for private information and fake emails.  The IRS reported already seeing emails targeting tax professionals, payroll professionals and human resources departments. Watch for phishing emails sent to payroll or the human resource department that look like it came from the CEO of your company requesting... Read more

Orbit Solutions vs. Your Intranet

In the early ‘00s, the corporate Intranet became HR’s go-to platform for sharing resources and updates with employees. It’s internal, enables you to upload documents, and can encourage collaboration. It’s 2015, and email, chat, text messages, cloud-based file storage/sharing, workflow management systems, and more have pushed the Intranet into obscurity – for everyone but HR!... Read more

How-To: Use Electronic W-4s

In Orbit Solutions, employees of our Payroll clients have the ability to update W-4 withholding forms electronically. If an employee has a baby, for example, that employee can update his or her own W-4 in Orbit Solutions. To help you and your employees use Electronic W-4s, Payroll Data has outlined a simple process: 1. Navigate... Read more

2 Ways to Effectively Recognize Employees

If you’re an HR pro, you know that recognizing an employee for good work has positive results: retention, professional growth, improved productivity, and so on. It’s how to recognize an employee that remains a mystery for many of us. It’s most helpful to know whether an employee prefers Public Recognition or Private Acknowledgement. Here are... Read more

How-To: Capture an Employee’s Location in Timesheets

If you have employees working at multiple locations–such as physical therapists, dental hygienists, or health club instructors–it can be nearly impossible to accurately track labor costs for each location. When things like payroll, 401(k) contributions, and health insurance are spread across multiple locations, you know that the accuracy of job costing is vital. Even with... Read more