3 Ways to Know You Need Applicant Tracking Software

It’s easy to be overwhelmed by the possibility of implementing applicant tracking system (ATS). The key is to make the transition at the time that’s right for your company: not too soon and as happens more frequently, not too late. If you wonder when it’s time to automate your hiring process from the Excel-spreadsheet-and-locked-file-cabinet method,... Read more

How-To: HR Checklists

The process of onboarding a new employee can be time-consuming, tedious–and very scattered! If you’re using Orbit Solutions, our HR Checklists can streamline the onboarding process. Here’s what to do: Identify the tasks that need to happen, such as creating an email account, ordering a phone or computer, etc. Identify the individuals or departments involved... Read more

Can Payroll Be a Strategic Part of Your Business?

In HR, nothing is certain but payroll and taxes. In most cases, those two functions are unlikely to make your business any more profitable–but they have to be done. It already costs money to complete the process–so it’s important to complete it in the most efficient way that you possibly can. So many companies–and most... Read more