Examining the Role of the NEW Human Resources Professional

Today’s HR Department is a Critical Component to an Organization’s Success Recruiting and staffing modifications aside, the Human Resources Department has a major impact on the success of a business. Today’s HR professionals have taken their rightful place in the C-suite and have become involved in various facets of corporate decision-making. Transformative HR The “new”... Read more

Building a Blueprint for More Effective HCM Systems

Flexible. Customized. Scalable. No one decides one day they are going to switch HCM providers. After careful deliberation, they opt to upgrade. And unfortunately, it tends to be under false pretense. On the surface, it looks like they’re getting a better HR product. Delve a little deeper, and what’s exposed is just a band-aid attempting... Read more

Ask Yourself This: Questions to Address Prior to Switching HCM Solutions

You’re shopping around. Or, perhaps those snazzy ads that follow you all over the internet promising a liberating HR experience has piqued your interest. Either way, you’re considering the possibility of switching HCM solution providers and implementing a more effective way to manage the business of Human Resources. Not surprising. This department has gone through... Read more

Look for these 5 Things When Upgrading Your HCM Solution

Antiquated systems and manual processes just won’t do. To stay competitive in today’s evolving HR industry, you need more than just a hands on approach. You need automation, outsourcing, and answers to all your toughest questions. Before you register online with a trending, know-it-all HR platform, do some quick homework and look for these attributes... Read more

Building Better Teams: Retaining Top Talent

In our last post, we discussed the competitive recruitment marketplace that has companies one-upping each other for the best candidates. And, while you’ve successfully beat-out the competition and have built a solid team of go-getters, you’re not out of the woods. Actually, you’re only halfway there. The second post in our 2-part series focuses on... Read more

Building Better Teams: Recruiting Top Talent

The success of your company is in direct correlation with the people you hire. The folks you trust. Naturally, you want the best person for the job. In today’s competitive recruitment marketplace however, top talent is in high demand which can spell out high compensation for companies. Believe it or not, the right HCM resources... Read more

How Savvy HCM Improves Employee Engagement

Communal lounges and team building exercises aren’t the only characteristics of a collaborative workspace. Today’s HCM solutions reflect the changing face of employment, but they have also evolved to enhance how jobs are completed. Keeping pace with trends and the growing needs of employees should be evident in an innovative HCM solution. Sure, you want... Read more

Top 5 Ways to Make Payroll Pay Off

Do you love payroll processing? (Yes, we used the term “love,” because anything less and it’s time to rethink that system.)  Truth be told, if running payroll is running your life instead of making it easier, than it’s time to make a switch. Payroll processing has come a long way from just doling out checks... Read more

How-To: Easy-to-Create Benefit Statements

In many instances, the average employee has no idea what costs an employer incurs to employ a person full-time. Let’s say an employee has a salary of $30,000 a year. It’s likely that employee believes his or her total compensation = $30,000 a year. But that doesn’t begin to consider the employer-paid portion of health,... Read more