HR Outsourcing Tips for Wisconsin Small Business Owners

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As a small business owner, company objectives, client service, and the well-being of valued employees are top priority. The last thing you need to think about is time-consuming payroll processing and tedious compliance.

Outsourcing HR has become a savior for many small business owners in Wisconsin. By offloading tasks to experts in the field, independent companies focus on mission-critical objectives without the worry of administrative work outside the scope of own expertise. This frees up operational time to grow the business and concentrate on increasing revenue.

Get More Value from Outsourced HCM – What to Look for in a Partner

Automated Payroll Processing – A no-brainer, and the one thing you should be outsourcing.
Payroll processing can result in labor-intensive grunt work on a regular basis. Manual errors often occur, which ends up costing you  valuable time away from more relevant business. Look for a fully automated solution that is easily adjusted and flexible enough to expand with your needs. A set it and forget it approach with the customization to adapt as your business grows. Check payroll off your task list for good.

Compliance – The biggest headache for any Wisconsin small business owner.
With federal and state regulations in a constant state of flux, it’s hard to know what the IRS is going to ask of you next – let alone give you enough time to facilitate their requests. Have no fear. The right HR outsourcing partner should take care of all of these compliance needs for you. From timely filing of online forms, to automated reporting that generates the data when and how you need it, HR outsourcing will help you avoid penalties and costly fines. An investment that can easily pay for itself in both time and money.

Support – A partner is a person, not a platform
We know that you need the best HCM technology to stay competitive in your industry. But what you also need is an actual person  who can answer your toughest questions. No lengthy FAQ to scroll through. No help center to take time away from your day. You should be able to pick up the phone and dial a local number without long teleprompts, hold times, and endless automated systems. A full HR outsourcing partner is there when you need them. They should get to know you, and your business. Choosing a local partner will guarantee that they are well-versed in regional regulations that affect your individual company. HR outsourcing should make your life easier. If you’re not getting the warm and fuzzies, they’re probably not the right partner for you.

FlexibilityThe key to bigger ROI, and often overlooked.
Small business owners forget that as they become a success and the company grows, so do HR challenges (not just the payroll roster). Complex paid time off (PTO), family leave, mobile accessibility, additional full-time equivalency reporting (FTE), and medical and retirement benefits are cumbersome and downright exasperating for Wisconsin business owners. Getting the solutions needed now from a partner, with the capability to provide additional services as you expand, will ensure your investment pays off. The last thing you need is to be stunted by lack of features and functionality. Focus on the big picture with regards to your business and your HCM.

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