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10 Secrets from HR Pros for Easier Open Enrollment

Open enrollment periods can cause big headaches for companies that are ill-prepared to handle the influx of paperwork, employee questions, and tedious administration that accompanies benefits management.  Tenured HR professionals know only too well, the excessive hours spent on facilitating coverage without proper communication prep or technology in place that will ease the tension of... Read more

What’s Driving Time & Labor Workforce Management Solutions

Efficiency and ROI Driving Time & Labor Workforce Management Solutions Savvy HCM has emerged as the answer to management’s prayers. Offering streamlined HR, stress-free automation, employee self-service, and intelligent insight, cloud-based workforce management solutions are creating a data-driven hub for companies. Time and labor tracking is an intricate component of HR. A fully integrated workforce... Read more

HR Outsourcing Tips for Wisconsin Small Business Owners

As a small business owner, company objectives, client service, and the well-being of valued employees are top priority. The last thing you need to think about is time-consuming payroll processing and tedious compliance. Outsourcing HR has become a savior for many small business owners in Wisconsin. By offloading tasks to experts in the field, independent... Read more

How-To: Easy-to-Create Benefit Statements

In many instances, the average employee has no idea what costs an employer incurs to employ a person full-time. Let’s say an employee has a salary of $30,000 a year. It’s likely that employee believes his or her total compensation = $30,000 a year. But that doesn’t begin to consider the employer-paid portion of health,... Read more

Payroll Data Services Clients – Clock Support

Payroll Data Services, Inc is happy to announce a new dedicated support email address for TLM Users.   This email address is supported by a team of clock specialists that are here to better support you. You can now contact us directly at for: Clock support Clock updates New clocks Please continue letting us know how... Read more

Orbit Solutions vs. Your Intranet

In the early ‘00s, the corporate Intranet became HR’s go-to platform for sharing resources and updates with employees. It’s internal, enables you to upload documents, and can encourage collaboration. It’s 2015, and email, chat, text messages, cloud-based file storage/sharing, workflow management systems, and more have pushed the Intranet into obscurity – for everyone but HR!... Read more

How-To: Use Electronic W-4s

In Orbit Solutions, employees of our Payroll clients have the ability to update W-4 withholding forms electronically. If an employee has a baby, for example, that employee can update his or her own W-4 in Orbit Solutions. To help you and your employees use Electronic W-4s, Payroll Data has outlined a simple process: 1. Navigate... Read more

How-To: Capture an Employee’s Location in Timesheets

If you have employees working at multiple locations–such as physical therapists, dental hygienists, or health club instructors–it can be nearly impossible to accurately track labor costs for each location. When things like payroll, 401(k) contributions, and health insurance are spread across multiple locations, you know that the accuracy of job costing is vital. Even with... Read more

How-To: HR Checklists

The process of onboarding a new employee can be time-consuming, tedious–and very scattered! If you’re using Orbit Solutions, our HR Checklists can streamline the onboarding process. Here’s what to do: Identify the tasks that need to happen, such as creating an email account, ordering a phone or computer, etc. Identify the individuals or departments involved... Read more